Imagine Never Dieting Again

Imagine a diet where you didn't have to drastically cut calories, feel hungry all the time, or miss out on some of your favorite foods and still lose weight. Well. That diet is here, and your time to change is now.

I work with clients worldwide and make positive changes to their eating habits to live healthier, happier lives and lose weight without drastic calorie reduction.

What I Do

Content Writing

I have been writing & publishing on women's nutrition, fitness, health and wellness topics. Click here for some examples.

1:1 Coaching

Work with me directly to transform your health & wellness. 

Online Programs

No matter your struggle or goal, I have a program just for you! Find out more.

Can You Relate?

Diets are often too harsh and too restrictive to keep up long term. If you've ever gone on a diet, you will know this! They may include expensive and hard to find foods or supportive supplements and shakes.

You may get tired of these diets and want "real food" again. You'll "fall off the wagon" and eat the food you've been missing out on. The weight will creep back on, and then some. Suddenly, you're back at square one.

With my small habit change approach, we change one thing about your diet at a time. We practice it as a habit until it becomes natural and comfortable, then we move to something else. Over time, your diet will have transformed -- and so will have you.

It works with any cuisine from Chinese to Italian and any dietary preferences such as vegan to meat-eaters. 

So if you're used to restrictive diets that haven't worked in the past, let's try something new.

Eating Acai

This whole nutrition and exercise thing is something you can do and maintain by living it instead of obsessing over the details. You got this. More importantly, make sure you are talking to the loves ones in your life and making friends. Don't forget to do something for you every once in a while because you are absolutely worth it."

- A client's love letter to themselves

Dear Me,