Hey, nice to meet you. I'm excited to have you here, on my website, reading about what's me so passionate about helping women. I believe when a woman feels confident in her nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness, she can take on the world. As a Women's Master Health Coach, I want to make sure every woman I come across feels empowered to be her most authentic, fabulous self. 

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My Story

The year was 2014 and I hit a wall. Hard. I was working a 60 hour/week job and attending MBA classes at night, working weekends, evenings, through lunch breaks, and every other time I could squeeze a textbook or cell phone into.


I remember going to my closet to put on a pair of jeans I had only purchased just a few months before. It had been a while since I put them on, so when I tried shimmying them up my legs to button them up, I was beyond surprised when I couldn't get them on.


Huh, I thought. They must have shrunk in the wash.


Later that week I went out for a High Tea with girlfriends. As you do, when you're having a lot of fun, pictures were snapping. I was having a fabulous time until I looked at one of the pictures and didn't recognize myself.


Bloated, puffy face. I almost couldn't see my eyes anymore. My clothes look uncomfortably snug, almost, bulging. And so I asked a very honest friend: Have I put on that much weight?


Yes. Without hesitation, he answered.


I was immediately defensive and in denial, but I kept going back to look at that picture. I had put on weight, and I was too busy I hadn't even noticed.


What happened next has been a long process of certifying myself in fitness and nutrition, learning what works best for my body, and being patient (ever-so-patient) for the results. 


I'm happy to tell you that, in the end, I've lost 30 pounds and feel fantastic. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.